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A large personal property loss can result from water intrusion, mold infestation, fire, landslide, tornadoes or some other natural disaster. Sometimes hundreds or even thousands of individual objects of personal property can be destroyed or damaged beyond economical repair. The valuation of each and every item of property normally creates burdensome costs and takes considerable time. But appraisers, until now, have not focused on using statistical methods that provide confidence intervals with known certainty while yielding greatly reduced cost and time.

Large Loss Appraisals (LLA) delivers personal property valuation solutions to insurers, adjusters, bankers, attorneys and others having large personal property loss claims in dispute. The principal partners at Large Loss Appraisals are experienced general personal property appraisers who are competent with most types of property. Our network of specialist appraisers ensure that we provide competent appraisal services regardless of the property type.

Why We are Unique

After consulting with the University of California Statistics Department, LLA partners established a well-founded statistical formula to apply to large losses in order to save clients considerable cost and time.

LLA makes us of a unique appraisal methodology which applies a carefully developed and tested statistical equation to a database of claimed items. This methodology allows us to value all subject properties based on a limited sample of similar subject properties that have been randomly selected for appraisal. This proprietary statistical methodology results in substantial savings to our clients while providing credible valuation results having a high level of confidence (95%) that the projected values are within 10% of their actual value.

LLA partners specialize in losses in which the property is normally not available for inspection. We can, however, inspect damaged personal property throughout the USA when possible and necessary for valuation.

Our appraisers are independent, impartial, objective, ethical and competent. We (as well as our retained experts in specialized property types) will comply with all applicable appraisal standards including the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as promulgated by The Appraisal Foundation of Washington, DC.

We do not charge a percentage of total value. Payment is based on an hourly rate plus a small per-object fee.

The primary focus of Large Loss Appraisals is to identify and undertake an appropriate scope of work that will result in credible appraisal assignment results. The minimum scope of work necessary when a statistical methodology is used requires a competent selection and appropriate valuation of the selected sample. By means of our statistical methodology, a properly developed valuation of the sample will translate into a credible valuation of all items that are similar to those sampled. (If need be, the client can even request detailed research and analyses of specific items.) This sampling technique results in a substantial savings in cost and time for the client.

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